Tired of your sheet slipping off the mattress?


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    Tired of your sheet slipping off the mattress?

    So were we! That’s why we invented the SheetLock™ Pro. Specially designed for flexibility, our advanced closure can stay on the side, or slide underneath the mattress for total discretion.

    SMALL - Twin & Kids LARGE - Full, Queen and King
    $19.99 $14.99

How it works


Strap SheetLock™ around each end of mattress


Slip sheet over mattress and each SheetLock™


Insert SheetLock™ button and push up


  • I put both straps at different positions at the top end of my adjustable bed. I have no problem with the bottom end coming loose. Before I got the Sheetlock straps, my fitted sheet would always pull off of one side since I turn to the left side to sleep. So far, the fitted sheet stays put. Since there were no instructions, I didn't know what the second set was for.


  • I haven’t even bought sheet lock yet but I can’t wait

    Cherie Heller

  • Awsome

    Larry Weissmann

  • great invention

    Rosanne Bonafair

  • Works as advertised.

    dennis howland

  • Good


  • This was my second among and that i was incredibly proud of first one and this 1 did also meet my expectations


  • I like the product

    blanca rivera

  • I just put this on the bed last Sunday. Its been almost a week and I am just thrilled. I just hate that my fitted sheet would always come loose and bunch up. This product is WONDERFUL! I have told friends about it and posted about it on Facebook...haha.

    Cindy Willoughby

  • 5 star

    Frederick Dick

  • Superb


  • It's good thing

    Gul shehla

  • Haven't tried them yet. Hopefully they live up to their name

    Kim Brown

  • I bought two sets of Sheetlocks. One came with a silicone ring in addition to the regular locks. The regular ones tend to come off, but the ones with silicone have stayed on.

    Jeanne Gaska

  • I've tried many other products in an attempt to keep my bed sheets tight but nothing works as good as the Sheetlock. I was worried that the straps would be noticeable under the sheet but not so. Excellent product that has exceeded my expectations


  • I was hesitant about this product at first. We have a split adjustable bed that when changing the sheets it should be considered a competitive sport. My husband's side of the bed always seemed to lose his fitted sheet sometime during the night so I purchased the corner grippers with the metal clasps that ended up breaking and thus a metal clasp graveyard is at the head of his side of the bed.


  • Bought these after my husband repeatedly complained about our sheets lifting up in the corner of our king bed every night. At first I was going to purchase a different product that had to be removed and put back on each time the sheets were changed. This product is much easier to use.


  • I love Sheetlock! It was really easy to use and worked perfectly!


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